Exploring the Coastal Coffee Culture from Casares to Duquesa

Best Coffee in Casares Spain - Casares del Sol Holiday Apartment

Exploring the Coastal Coffee Culture from Casares to Duquesa

Indulge in the coffee culture from Casares to Duquesa, tasting the finest brews with a backdrop of breathtaking coastal views. Discover the charm of local chiringuitos and coffee spots along this picturesque 3km promenade from Casares to Duquesa. Our holiday apartment rental in Casares del Sol serves as the perfect starting point for this adventure, a wander along the coastal coffee promenade.

The Perfect Cup: Decoding Spanish Coffee Lingo

Before embarking on this caffeine-infused journey, acquaint yourself with the art of ordering coffee in Spain:

  • Café solo: Small, strong espresso
  • Cortado: Espresso with a dash of warm milk
  • Café con leche: Equal parts espresso and milk
  • Americano: Espresso topped up with hot water
  • Café con hielo: Espresso with a side of ice
  • Carajillo: Espresso with a kick of whisky/brandy
  • Café bombon: Espresso with condensed milk
  • Nube/Manchada: Glass of milk with a hint of coffee
  • Sombra: Nube with a splash more coffee
  • Descafeinado de maquina: Decaffeinated coffee from a machine
La Sal Casares Spain - Casares del Sol Holiday Apartment
La Sal on Casares Beach


The Trail: Coffee Culture from Casares to Duquesa

  1. Bahia Beach Churinguito: Begin your trail at Bahia Beach situated on the beach, a 12 minute walk down the hill from the Casares del Sol apartment. Bahia Beach offers a relaxing setting with views of the historic Salt Tower and the Mediterranean. Indulge in a coffee, a drink if you prefer or have a bite of fresh seafood or paella.
  2. La Sal Chiringuito: The delightful La Sal chiringuito is a wonderful setting with Mediterranean views, it’s a perfect spot for coffee enthusiasts. And it’s a 10 minute walk down the hill from the Casares del Sol apartment. And whilst you are there, don’t forget to book for lunch or dinner!
  3. Ramos: Continue your stroll along the promenade to San Luis de Sabinillas, where Ramos awaits. This chiringuito, a family favorite, is built on the edge of the sandy beach, with a cozy ambiance and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Ideal for a mid-morning coffee or a leisurely lunch.
  4. Chiringuito El Paseo: A little further along is Chiringuito El Paseo, offering a beachside coffee experience. Enjoy a light bite or a refreshing coffee after a day on Playa de Sabinillas.
  5. Tahona de Chana: Discover Tahona de Chana, a bakery on the San Luis de Sabinillas promenade, perfect for a morning coffee before exploring the nearby Friday morning market or the kids’ play park.
  6. The Café – American Bistro: Next ‘The Cafe,’ an American Bistro, perfect for an early morning coffee with sea views. Open early, it’s a great choice for breakfast before the world wakes up.
  7. Miel Patisserie: Known for it’s coffee served with a tiny piece of cake, Miel Patisserie serves sumptuous with waffles and crepes. Their extensive lunchtime menu and savory pancakes make decision-making a delightful challenge.
  8. Bar Azul: Bar Azul on the beachfront, open from 9 am to 2 am. Indulge in tapas, ice cream, and, of course, delightful coffees. Perfect for an afternoon coffee in the sunshine.
  9. Amaka Beach: Explore Amaka Beach chiringuito, a Belgian gem before arriving at Duquesa Port. A picturesque spot for coffee and cocktails, capturing moments worthy of Instagram.
  10. El Varadero: Head towards El Varadero for morning coffee with spectacular views. Known for grilled sardines, it’s an excellent venue to relax and savor Spanish coffee. This is the end of the Sabinillas section of promenade leading into the Duquesa section.
  11. The Café, American Bistro III: Visit The Café American Bistro III in Duquesa Port for a fabulous Marina view. Indulge in English breakfast, delicious lunches, and homemade cakes. Don’t miss their Happy Hour!
  12. The Oasis Bar: Reach The Oasis Bar, well-established in La Duquesa, with a Happy Hour running from 4-9pm. Ideal for enjoying a late afternoon coffee while overlooking the tranquil Marina.
  13. Dolphin Cafe Bar: Relax at the Dolphin Cafe, offering stunning views of Duquesa Port. A perfect spot for breakfasts, delicious smoothies, and early morning meetings.
  14. La Bodega Duquesa – Tapas Bar: Conclude your coffee trail at La Bodega Tapas Bar in Duquesa Port. A new discovery with an extensive breakfast menu and a fabulous tapas selection.

Elevate Your Casares del Sol Holiday Experience!

Indulge in the local coffee culture from Casares to Duquesa with this guide, enhancing your stay at Casares del Sol holiday apartment. Immerse yourself in the vibrant scenes of Casares and Duquesa while enjoying a cup of Spanish bliss.

Here’s how our coffee trail benefits your holiday:

  • Relaxation and Scenic Views: Start your day leisurely, relishing your morning coffee against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. Each coffee spot along the trail offers panoramic views, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding.
  • Convenient Morning Explorations: With many cafes opening early, you can kickstart your morning exploration before the world awakens. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the promenade, discovering the charm of Casares and Sabinillas.
  • Cultural Immersion Through Coffee: Order your coffee like a local and embrace the Spanish coffee culture. It’s not just about the brew; it’s a cultural experience that adds a touch of authenticity to your holiday.
  • Variety for Every Taste: Whether you prefer a strong Café solo, a creamy Cortado, or a refreshing Americano, the coffee trail caters to every taste. Explore diverse flavors and find your perfect cup of joy.
  • Insta-Worthy Moments: Capture picture-perfect moments at each coffee stop, creating memories that will fill your holiday photo album. From beachside chiringuitos to quaint cafes, share your coffee adventure with friends and family.
  • Convenient Breaks During Exploration: As you explore Casares and Duquesa, the coffee trail offers convenient breaks. Refuel with a cup of coffee, indulge in delicious treats, and rejuvenate before continuing your exploration.
  • A Culinary Journey: Pair your coffee with local delights. Try Belgian pastries, tapas, and more, elevating your culinary experience. Our guide ensures that your coffee moments are intertwined with delightful gastronomic discoveries.
  • Create Your Own Traditions: Establish your own morning ritual or afternoon tradition along the coffee trail. Whether it’s a solo adventure, a family outing, or a romantic stroll, make every coffee stop a unique part of your holiday story.

Elevate your holiday experience at Casares del Sol by blending the rich coffee culture of the region with the comfort of your holiday apartment. Unwind, explore, and savor the moments, creating a vacation filled with the aroma of Spanish coffee and the joy of discovery! Check your holiday dates today and book this fab Casares Holiday Apartment.